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Spinner Wood Products

Supplying the Valley and beyond
with all your Pallet and Bin Needs.


 We are located at the base of White Pass in the rural town of Naches, Washington.  Our business is operated year round and we are proud to say staying strong in times when the economy makes that difficult.  We can only thank our loyal customers and valued employees for recognizing the potential of Spinner Wood Products and helping us strive towards that every day.

Our experienced woodworkers and assembly technicians take pride in the quality of their work.  Employees are highly trained in their craft and are provided with state of the art equipment to help insure bin and pallet components fit together accurately.

We are members of both the Western Pallet Association, and the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. Both organizations help us keep abreast of current industry news and regulations to better help us stay in compliance protecting both us and you.

PDS Engineered Pallets

The Pallet Design System (PDS) Spinner Wood Products uses is a premier computer-aided design tool for creating pallets at the lowest cost. It was developed so we can determine material availability, feasibility and other critical factores in a streamlined process that greatly reduces the time, cost and materials associated with engineering a prototype.


ISPM-15 stands for the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. These "standards" mandate all exported lumber and pallets. They require all exported material must be heat treated and de-barked, to reduce the possibility of introducing and/or spreading quarantined pests associated with wood packaging used in international trade.

We make sure all our lumber needed for export meets those requirements and undergo monthly inspections verifying it is correctly stamped.

Local Contributions

In these times we believe it is more important than ever to encourage and promote growth locally in multiple ways. Therefore we sponsor various local community and youth programs through-out the Yakima Valley. 

We are proud of our business and are continually working to improve it. Our local community support is a huge part of that!