Spinner Wood Products  

Quality plywood and wood pieces are the basic elements in all our bins. It's important to Spinner Wood Products. that all of our wood products continue to serve you for years to come. Wood is one of America's few renewable resources, which we believe must be used efficiently and wisely.

Constructing bins that last means not only using top quality lumber and plywood but also hardware. We use heavy gauge galvanized steel fittings so our bins can handle the toughest of conditions.

  • Post Caps surround the top of each corner for stacking strength and protection
  • An optional 4 1/2" Corner wraps around the top outside corner providing an alternative form of protection
  • A 7" Corner creates a solid junction at the bottom panel corner with the stringer creating a more stable and protected bin base
  • Fan Tabs are riveted to the end panel and secure tightly around the center stringer to increase bin toughness and longevity
  • Riveted to the middle of each side panel and attached to the stringer below, the Tongue Tab adds stability to the side
  • The integrity of each corner is given solid support by the tight placement of specially milled Corner Posts

We have printing options available to fit your specifications including your Company Name, Logo and Date.

  Wood Bin Replacement Parts & Materials

A regular bin maintenance program will insure a longer life for the general bin population at your facility. Many times a bin needs only a replacement part or wood piece to extend it's usefulness.  

Keep a supply of parts and materials on hand or order them as you need. We promptly process all orders for quick delivery. For added convenience you can click on the Online Orders tab to place your order.

We also can do repairs on site or at our plant for reasonable prices ensuring you have the bins needed, without the headache of fixing them yourselves. Contact us for information.