Spinner Wood Products  

Spinner Wood Products has the pallet to fit your specific needs.  We stock most of the standard varieties of hard and softwood pallets at our plant.  We offer common pallet sizes from 40" to 48" with several stringer and board configurations to meet your needs.

  • Softwood                                    

  • Hardwood

  • Heat Treated

  • Block

  • Stringer

  • Recycled

  • Repaired/Remanufactured

Custom pallets can be manufactured to your specifications. Years of experience have given us the knowledge and skills to meet the most unique pallet request.

The Pallet Design System (PDS) Spinner Wood Products uses is a premier computer-aided design tool for creating pallets at the lowest cost.  It was developed so we can determine material availability, feasibility and other critical factors in a streamlined process that grealy reduces the time, cost and materials associated with engineering a prototype.


 Pallet Replacement Parts, Materials, and Repair

Normal wear and tear will eventually take its toll on even the strongest of pallets.  However, with replacement parts and materials many damaged or worn pallets can be repaired.  A few basic items, kept on hand, may be all that's needed to fix a pallet.

Don't have the time or manpower to make repairs yourself?  No problem!  We are available to make repairs at your facility or ours.  Contact us for information on our reasonable pricing and we'll work with you to keep you up and running.